A Call to Action: Mobilize for Patients Not Profits

26 10 2009

In this video, Sam Pullen calls on people across the country to stand up for health care reform through non-violent civil disobedience in actions across America on October 28th, 2009. Sam was arrested at a sit-in in Los Angeles, CA on October 15th. He voluntarily remained in jail for five days in order to draw attention to abuses of the health insurance industry.  Following his brief statement is a short documentary on the civil disobedience in Los Angeles on October 15th.


Billionaires for Wealthcare Strike Again

24 10 2009

The Billionaires struck again at America’s Health Insurance Plans’s state issues conference on Friday by serenading Republican pollster Bill MnInturff.  McInturff has done work on behalf of the health insurance lobby and was, most notably, a driving force behind the ‘Harry and Louise’ ads of 1994 during President Clinton’s ill-fated attempt at health care reform.  The Billionaires are a grassroots network of universal health care and public option proponents who pop up around the country to ‘sing the praises’ of for profit health care.  Check out this video for an appearance they made in Los Angeles during a health care rally outside of the Anthem Blue Cross office.

Patients Not Profit Sit-In

18 10 2009

12 people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience in front of Blue Cross Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. One of the organizers, Sam Pullen, 31, refused to give information to police, vowing to stay in jail until Blue Cross stops denying care to those who need it most.  For more information on how to get involved or to donate, visit Mobilize for Health Care.

“I Apologize to the Dead and Their Families…”

5 10 2009

Rep. Alan Grayson made waves last week for calling out Republicans’ lack of a true health care reform plan.  Many Congressional Republicans demanded an apology for his statement that the only plan the GOP has for Americans is to “Don’t get sick,” and failing that, “Die soon.”  Well, he issued an apology–just not the one the Grand Obstructionist Party wanted to hear:

Representative Alan Grayson, a Real Fighting Democrat

1 10 2009

In this 10 minute clip, Representative Grayson shows how to take on the D.C. Double Standard (this pathetic hand wringing by the other pundits on the show is never present when Sarah Palin or the GOP leadership pushes the “death panel” lie) and fight for the Americans that elected him.  He’s absolutely right: if the GOP won’t support a plan that eliminates the pre-existing condition clause in denying our citizens health care and make care accessible to ALL Americans, then the GOP does want Americans to die.

The time to stop mincing words is long overdue.  If you like what you see, drop Representative Grayson some coin.