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It appears that the public option, a plan advocated by a majority of Americans, will no longer exist in the final version of the health care bill.  There seems to be consensus, however, that the age limit to qualify for Medicare will be lowered to 55.  There will also be (probably) an expansion of Medicaid as well as a half-assed attempt at covering people 300% under the poverty line.  In addition, there will be a collection of national private plans which will be “managed” by the Office of Personal Management.

It’s still early in the process, because the Senate and House may meet in committee to hash out the final details, so the news as it stands right now lacks any real specifics.  There is also talk of the House simply accepting what the Senate throws at them, a procedure called “ping-ponging.”

The most heartening aspect of this legislation, the lowering of Medicare’s age limit, seems to have progressives like Bernie Sanders somewhat excited.  This is because the public option that was originally on the table was so anemic to begin with, that there are elements, according to Sanders, which may actually be better.

We will see, won’t we?

Here he is, along with  Governor Ed Rendell, on the Rachel Maddow show last night:

Congress is biting at the bit to finish this before Christmas break, so stay tuned as details out of D.C. will continue to emerge sooner rather than later.

On Good Morning America, Michael Moore sums up his new documentary, which takes aim at how capitalism has usurped our democracy.  He also manages to take a swipe at ABC labor practices:

Pat Roberts (R-KS) is now pleading for a brief respite so that lobbyists–or as he calls them, “the people that the providers have hired to keep up with all the legislation.”  As Arthur Delaney writes at The Huffington Post: “It’s hard to imagine…that [this] means anything other than lobbyists from the health industry.”  Below is video, courtesy of HuffPo:

It’s a tricky thing, that recision.  Watch how this WellPoint CEO dances around a question about how much the company actually spends on health care (h/t to The Public Record):

Rep. Anthony Weiner reemphasizes the need for a public option to give average Americans some leverage against insurance companies.  H/T to Firedoglake:

Mr. Potter talks about the need for comprehensive reform in health care as well as what he witnessed being on the “inside.”  This is a great watch:


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