Rep. Alan Grayson Reads Off Numbers of People Who Will Die

6 11 2009

Representative Alan Grayson makes another splash.  Not long after making news by calling out Congressional Republicans for not backing health care reform, saying their only plan for Americans is to “die quickly,” the gutsy Florida Democrat landed another punch.  Taking a recent Harvard study which states that 44,780 Americans die every year because they don’t have health insurance, he then breaks down that number per Republican Congressional district and begins listing, per district, how many Americans are likely to die next year in each Republican district if there is no significant health care reform.

Here is his opening remarks plus the beginning of the list:

Flash forward to later in the speech, when the Republicans attempt to shut him down:

They fail, however.  To view the speech in its entirety, visit Rep. Grayson’s YouTube channel.  If you like what he’s doing so far, please consider donating too.  And to see what RMF has been contributing to the health care debate, visit this page.